5 Reasons You Should Visit Poland

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1. World War II History

We’ll begin with the simple one. At the point when numerous individuals consider Poland, they think about the nation’s (generally pitiful) history in WWII. For anybody inspired by this appalling piece of mankind’s history, Poland is an unquestionable requirement visit nation.

The most evident is the frightful and irritating Auschwitz-Birkenau focus and concentration camp, situated about an hour outside of Krakow. It is important to pre-book a visit around the camp. The guide gives an incredible point of view on what might somehow or another be a totally dreamlike encounter. Regardless of the amount you’ve found out about what occurred at Auschwitz amid the barbarities of the war, being there is a calming and enthusiastic experience.

Strolling around Krakow, you can investigate the previous Jewish ghetto and Plaszow death camp. These are outstanding as the real area of a significant number of the occasions portrayed in Steven Spielberg’s motion picture Schindler’s List. The moderately new historical center in Schindler’s previous industrial facility is a standout amongst the best WWII exhibition hall’s we’ve at any point visited (and we’ve been to a great deal), and ought to be an absolute necessity see for anybody visiting Krakow.

More unusual is Westerplatte, simply outside the northern city of Gdansk. This is the place the main authority shots were discharged of WWII, between the Germans and the Poles on September 1, 1939.

2. Numerous Beautiful Old Towns

“Magnificence” and “Poland” aren’t two words the vast majority put in a similar sentence, however that is an error. In spite of extensive devastation amid WWII, some old towns endure, and others have been reconstructed similarly as they existed before the war.

Most voyagers consider just Krakow. In all actuality, the old town of Krakow is as excellent as it is invaded with sightseers. The old town of Warsaw is very underestimated. While most (or all) of it must be revamped after the war, it is as yet a lovely and intriguing spot to investigate, loaded up with cafés, bars, houses of worship, and landmarks.

We were additionally wonderfully amazed by the northern port city of Gdansk, which was presumably our preferred city to investigate in the whole nation.

To get unexpected a bit, attempt Wroclaw. This city is known as the “Venice of Poland” because of the numerous waterways through the downtown area. Invest your energy hunting down the 300 dwarves dissipated all through the city.

Or on the other hand, escape the focal point of Krakow to look at the area of Nowa Huta, an arranged network given as a “blessing” from the USSR to Poland and proposed to be a socialist perfect world.

3. Climbing in the Tatra Mountains

Poland has a stunning climbing. Who knew? An (idealistic) two-hour transport ride south of Krakow conveys you to Zakopane, and snow-capped town that wouldn’t be strange in Austria or Switzerland, however, happens to be in the Polish Tatra Mountains. The perspectives from prevalent Mt Giewont are staggering on the off chance that you can manage the groups coming up the link vehicle on occupied summer ends of the week. Have a go at going in the shoulder season for a calmer encounter.

4. Gracious no doubt, and the Food

Pierogies. What more do you need? You like appetizing? Done! Do you need something sweet? Don’t worry about it. In what manner can such a basic dish be so scrumptious? For the genuine authority, get to Krakow for the yearly Pierogi Festival each August.

On the off chance that you ever become weary of meat/potato/cheddar/organic product filled dumplings, we additionally discovered incredible pizza , astonishing kebabs (Sapko Kebab in Warsaw), and even not too bad (Sushi Corner in Wroclaw), in spite of the fact that the last took a touch of seeking on our part.

Ensure you wash all that incredible sustenance down with some nearby vodka!

5. What’s more, ultimately, the Beaches!

Indeed, you read that right. Shorelines. In Poland. Without a doubt, the Baltic Sea can be somewhat nippy, however, those Poles are tough individuals. The shoreline at Sopot, close Gdansk, was lovely and occupied.

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