Runanga Township In New Zealand

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Any individual who is going on the State Highway among Greymouth and Westport on the South Island’s West Coast in New Zealand will go through a community named Runanga. This town scarcely rates notice in traveler leaflets however has a few things making it work which makes it worth a visit. The most mainstream fascination in Runanga is the Coal Creek Falls. The is a shrub walk which takes about an hour to finish. The cascades toward the finish of the track are an awesome sight. Remember to carry your camera with you.

There are a few shops in Runanga to purchase refreshments. The Runanga Takeaways on the fundamental Highway and the Dairy on McGowan Street. Likewise on McGowan Street close to the dairy is Runanga Collectables. In the event that you are an authority of collectibles or of anything collectible, at that point, no one can tell what you may discover in this little shop. It is unquestionably worth a glance around.

McGowan Street at one time had various shops and were occupied on paydays at the coal mineshafts. There was a merchant’s shop which loaded for all intents and purposes everything the householder would require which included equipment just as sustenance supplies. There was additionally a stationary shop, a draper’s, book trade, butcher’s shop, and a fish and chip shop. The organizations may have long gone yet a portion of the structures still remain.

The most famous structure in Runanga is Miner’s Hall. This is in McGowan Street. The Miner’s Hall is presently real fixes at the season of composing and this work will most likely be done before the finish of 2017 or 2018. In its prime, the Miner’s Hall played host to moves and was even utilized as a study hall amid a period in the late 1960s when one of the rooms at Runanga School was being redesigned.

Simply outside o, the township as you land from the south is a landmark. This is a commemoration to the two men who were executed in the Runanga finance burglary in 1917. This was one of the darkest parts in Runanga’s history. On 9 November 1917, the vehicle conveying the wages and pay rates of the excavators was helped up and victimized at gunpoint when a log was put over the street on two boxes. A man named Eggers was captured in Christchurch seven days after the fact after he was found possessing the stolen cash. He was discovered liable in a jury preliminary three months after the fact and hanged.

In the event that you are consistently going on the state expressway among Greymouth and Westport on New Zealand’s South Island then you will go through the coal mining town of Runanga. Why not stop for an hour or so to view the township. It has a few things making it work which makes it worth your time and energy to view.

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