Mackay Street Greymouth and Its History

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Mackay Street was named after James Mackay, a Scotsman who worked for the legislature while New Zealand was as yet a creating country. Mackay came to New Zealand with his folks. They settle in the Nelson region where his dad claimed an enormous homestead. Mackay claimed a square of arriving without anyone else account.

One of Mackay’s quality was his capacity to liaise with the Maoris. He was regularly called to settle questions among Maoris and Miners. James Mackay’s dad found him a line of work as a local secretary and it was while in this job he was sent south and requested to buy land, somewhere in the range of 7,500,00 sections of land. Mackay obtained the entire of Westland for approximately 300 pounds in 1860.

The deed was written in a language which was written in such language that lone somebody with a lawful personality could have comprehended. Mackay nearly lost the consequences of every one of his arrangements, for on his arrival to Nelson, by means of the Buller when fiasco struck, with his despatch sack tied to his back, his kayak which was his structure on transport vexed. The pack, which contained that significant report, the Deed, the field book of local stores, and 100 pounds of sovereigns, and his significant compass were nearly lost, yet Mackay figured out how to spare himself, and his profitable fortune by sticking frantically to the upturned kayak. He wound up on shore at Cobden.

Authority duplicates of the land buy can be seen at the library of the Lands and Survey Department, Christchurch.

Mackay was later sent to Auckland to help with managing the Maori wars since he knew their language and custom. The Waikato wars were progressing and Mackay was approached to intervene when he was sent to the Thames. Mackay convinced Ngatahi Maru from joining the war. A portion of the Maori’s had their territory appropriated, a reality that Mackay needed knowing to the Waikato. He was captured, therefore.

Mackay wedded Eliza Braithwaite at Nelson in 1863, they had one girl. Mackay kicked the bucket at Paeroa in 1912. A remembrance plaque for James Mackay was disclosed in 1942.

Mackay Street history

Mackay Street was home to a few high road stores amid its history! The more seasoned age will go to Woolworth’s or McKenzie’s amid the 1960s and 70s. Later there was Farmers Trading where Postie Plus had their store later on.

Today Mackay Street is home to a few bistros, banks, travel operators, stationary, taxi office, Electrical stores, photograph shop, Vodafone and Spark shop, Sports merchandise shop, shoe shop, Cycle shop, and locksmith, gem specialists, beauticians, and numerous others.

The town has persevered through some awful flooding in the past with the surges of 1905 and 1988 especially trying for local people with Mackay Street under a few feet of water. Another flood divider was worked in mid-1989 and this has spared the town from numerous a flood since.

West Coaster’s who have come back to the zone in the wake of being without end a couple of years will see a few changes with the new town square at the Mawhera Quay end of Tainui Street. This gives the town another and current look and ideally will leave on the impact on the visitors who visit Greymouth.

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