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United States Travel Guide

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Traveling in the 50 countries is as staggeringly varied as exactly what the American dream is all about. The best way to observe the nation would be to lease a car and drive from shore to shore. That is the sole way to view and genuinely appreciate what the USA is all about. This USA travel guide can allow you to plan your next holiday.

As a Canadian, our buddies at the south have been an adventure travel destination due to how simple it was to jump into a car and drive throughout the border or grab a fast trip. The traveling opportunities here are endless because you are able to go until the north and also view glaciers in Alaska, capture some surf in Hawaii, the party in Vegas, visit the redwoods of California, or go east to observe some of the greatest metropolis’ in North America. What I have always envied about the USA is how lovely their landscape is shore to shore.

united states travel guide


  • Electricity – 110V,
  • Currency – US Dollar ($ USD)
  • $1 USD = roughly $0.90 EUR
  • ATMs are available around and charge cards are accepted anywhere
  • Mobile – You can Discover pre-paid no cost SIMs at grocery shops and convenient shops
  • Tipping – Customary to tip 15-20percent (A number of the bigger cities such as NYC and Los Angeles will control tips at the end of this spectrum
  • Unit of Measure – Imperial (Fahrenheit, Inches/Feet)


  • Move External – Only like Canada, the outside is the oyster. Besides some wonderful adventures, you wind up saving a great deal of cash by performing tasks such as hiking, climbing, canoeing, biking, and swimming.
  • Have a Bus – Even though there are a couple of low-cost carriers to select from, there are a few ridiculously cheap buses which can take you from city to city. I have seen fares as low as $1 so do not overlook this choice when planning your journey.
  • Celebrate Festivals – You will find free events in town all around the nation all over the world. Pay attention to the town’s events calendar to learn more.
  • City Tourism Cards – Businesses like CityPass basically market bundled tickets that provide you access to all of the essentials in a special town for a low price of about $30-40. You receive access to museums, reduced costs on a few discounts, discounts on pubs, and at times even free public transport.
  • Stay in an Apartment or Hostel – Even though hostels are not as widespread as in Europe, you will have the ability to locate them in important cities. Apartment rentals throughout Airbnb are also fantastic money saving choice too. What is common between the two of them is you could purchase your own groceries and cook to save even more cash.


The beauty of travel into the US is that if you forgot anything, you can readily purchase exactly what you want when you arrive. Climate is a tricky matter since it is dependent upon which portion of the nation you visit and in what period of the year. You will find the typical things that you wish to consider for summer and winter I have below but past that it is mostly a great deal of common sense. What you will discover about traveling to the US is the traveling infrastructure is amazing therefore that there are not any particular packing items which you need to deliver.


Warm – a few portions of the US do get fairly cold in winter so be sure you layer up and have a great winter coat. Columbia is my go-to manufacturer when to outdoor equipment particularly with their turbo-down technology that is super high quality and can be good at keeping heat.


  • Stay Bug-Free – Anytime you are in the outside, there is a prospect of mosquitos and other types of flies which may sting so be certain that you have good repellant available.
  • Great Shoes – You will do a great deal of walking whether outside or in town so ensure to have the appropriate footwear. My favorite brand is Keen because of their own sandals, hiking, and casual shoes. Get from Waikiki and research the numerous hikes that interval out of novice, intermediate, and advanced. I had the chance to perform the two day Narrows increase and filmed our travel. Here is the movie of our experience.


  • Weekend at Chicago – Chicago, renowned for much more than its own winds, is the quintessential American town. Whether you are a foodie, an adventurer, or a purveyor of the fine arts or are only looking to have a really fantastic time, you’ve got loads of alternatives to select from.
  • Best Things To Do in NYC at the Summer – Summer is when New York City comes alive. From markets and festivals to parades, concerts, and trendy beverages on rooftops, there is so much you can perform in town regardless of what you are into. I had the opportunity to explore this town on the west coast of the Florida panhandle and has been amazed by everything I saw, ate, and did.
  • Honolulu Two Day Itinerary – Transferring to Hawaii and want inspiration about what to do at the Primary town of Honolulu? Have a look at this itinerary!
  • Wine Trail in Niagara – Niagara on the side gets all of the media in regards to wineries but south of the boundary, you will find a wonderful assortment of wineries I was rather impressed with.
  • Finest Hostels in NYC – I really like dessert and every time I visit New York I wind up looking for a different place every day. If you are into candies like I’m, you’ll certainly need to read this.
  • Best Things To Do in NYC – New York is just one of my favorite big cities. It appears that each time that I go, there is something more to test out. Through time, I have begun to keep a listing of all of the items I recommend to friends and loved ones. This is my best list.
  • Reasons to Go to Atlanta – Many call it Hotlantaothers call it the ATL. Irrespective of its nickname, Atlanta is a booming metropolis that provides a splendor of yummy eats, trendy areas, and world-class draws.

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