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Half a Day Tour in Moscow

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Today I need to display you a visit, which you can without much of a stretch do inside a large portion of multi-day. At a later point, I will likewise demonstrate to you what you can do in an entire day, 2 days and 3 days. Be that as it may, how about we begin with the short a large portion of a multi day visit.

Initial segment

You begin the visit to metro station Smolenskaya. From that point, you can go for a comfortable walk over the well known Arbat. It is a passerby zone, so there is a great deal of room for strolling. On Arbat, there are many pleasant cafés and shops, so I would prescribe to stop for an espresso there. For the authorities of Hard Rock Café things, it is additionally situated on the start on the left side. There are additionally many road specialists in the city, so some stimulation is likewise given.

Second part

In the wake of going by Arbat, you will touch base at Arbatskaya metro station, where you go to one side and stroll down in course of the Kremlin.

There I would prescribe you to visit the Armory, which I told about in a past post. In the wake of visiting the Kremlin, you can walk further to the acclaimed retail establishment GUM with all its extravagance shops. In any case, before taking some time on Red Square to visit the St. Basil Cathedral.

In GUM you have to taste their frozen yogurt, which just costs 50 RUB.

After GUM, you can walk further on Nikolskaya Ul., another passerby zone with certain shops, bistros and beautiful design.

Third part

In the wake of going by the entire Nikolskaya Ul. go to one side and stroll until you are before the Bolshoi Theater (which deciphered methods Big theater ). It is by a wide margin the most well-known performance center in Moscow and to get tickets for one of their ballet performances, it is almost inconceivable and if conceivable just for a fortune.

The artful dance in Kremlin royal residence offers additionally extremely decent expressive dance appears for significantly more reasonable ticket costs.

Fourth part

Presently you will turn on Tverskaya Ul. one of the old huge boulevards of Moscow. In prior occasions, you entered the city on precisely this road when originating from Tver or further St. Petersburg. Here you can just walk and appreciate the climate of this important road. On the corner, there is likewise found the Hotel National, a standout amongst the most well-known lodgings in entire Russia. Directly by it in the area is the Ritz Carlton Moscow.

Fifth part

When you see the metro station Pushkinskaya, you have to go to one side to Tverskoy Boulvar with its pleasant part amidst the road.

Here you can likewise observe the first McDonalds of Russia, albeit these days they are found wherever in the city, as in each other enormous city.

Here you likewise discover chic and little eateries and bistros in each value go, from shoddy to binge spend, so it is the perfect point to stop for some espresso or something progressively generous, in the event that you are eager.

On the off chance that you presently basically pursue the heading of the city, you will end the stroll at Arbatskaya metro station.

To what extent does it take?

This profoundly shifts, however on the off chance that you take as much time as is needed and furthermore stop at the sights it will take around 5 hours.

Obviously there is significantly more to see, however, this walk is ideal for the first day in Moscow, since it will give you a general impression of the environment in the city without over-burdening your mind with an excess of new data.

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