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Shanghai cina

Top 10 Things To Do In Shanghai

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As one of China’s biggest cities, there’s a lot to research as the sprawl is enormous. Fortunately, the subway system is insanely effective and there’s so much to occupy your time if it is a peek at the older, the brand new, or even the mixing of both in this lively metropolis.

Over these decades, I have been fortunate enough to stop by every so often and also have had an opportunity to investigate every corner of the city in China. As a first-timer, however, I could love how overwhelming it could be what I have done with this guide is to highlight my personal top 10 things you ought to do at Shanghai. Whether you simply have one evening or you are seeking to construct a 7-day trip, here are things you have to perform in Shanghai and areas you need to increase the map when planning your journey.

1. The Bund

After or during sunset is likely once you would like to go and if it is most bewitching when the dizzy selection of lighting take over the nighttime skies. Just be ready to manage the huge crowds that build up to where finally you will be a shoulder to shoulder with other Chinese and tourists alike.

The bridge changes color too at nighttime. Oh and talking about cruise ships, choose one across the river since it is the ideal way to view the Puxi (Bund) side and the Pudong side (all the skyscrapers).

2. Zhujiajiao/Qibao

Many tourists visit China to experience what it’d feel like to live through one of those Chinese dynasties. A good deal of times that is composed of water manners, old crumbling buildings, alleyways, temples, and road food. You can have all that by heading outside to Zhujiajiao that’s about an hour away from Shanghai.

For there you can take a bus out of People’s Square to get 12 RMB or you could taxi there for 150-200 RMB. This really is that classic historical water village that’s a fantastic day trip to escape from the hustle and bustle of the town. But do not expect the audiences to be some less.

If you’re searching for a little alternative, it is probably worthwhile to say Qibao that’s actually reachable by subway (Qibao) that is just another historical city in which you really feel as though you’re transported to a different planet but obviously on a bigger scale compared to Zhujiajiao. If you do not need to breathe too much, Qibao might be the option for you!

3. Yu Yuan & Cheng Huang Miao (Yu Yuan Garden and City God Temple)

A theme of heritage, culture, and historical times is growing here and Yu Yuan and Cheng Huang Miao really are among the very best travel destinations in Shanghai since it gives you a little sense of what it had been like to live here in olden days regardless of how commercial it’s now. Additionally, this fascination is readily accessible from inside the city through metro line #10 so there is no reason to not go.

Where Zhujiajiao is an early water village, this offers you a sense for what a large market/godly temple place would love. In the purchasing aspect, you receive a lot of stores with handmade crafts, imitation knocks off things, folk art, and other knick-knacks. From a food standpoint, there are a ton of street stalls using a random range of Chinese snacks and foods. Oh and do not forget the tremendous indications for Starbucks and Dairy Queen there.

From a sights standpoint, you are surrounded by these tall ancient-looking well-maintained area where you are bombarded with temples, pavilions, halls, and hanging lanterns. Towards the center of the region, you are graced with a gorgeous zig-zagging walkway with a massive pond beneath with huge Koi fish.

More than 400 years old at this time, this is the best escape into the city as you get an opportunity to walk through pavilions, corridors, streams, and spacious courtyards. It’s well worth the entrance fee.

The one thing I frighten you with is it is hyper touristy as with many areas in Shanghai so brace yourself!

4. Tian Zi Fang

There is a real charm about the area that keeps drawing me back each time that I head to Shanghai. This can be an arts and crafts place that’s developed from a remodeled residential neighborhood from the French Concession area. What I really like about it would be the maze-like alleyways which take you about to find a lot of boutique gift shops, clothing shops, cafes, galleries, studios, and other arbitrary knick-knack shops.

It seems as though the area itself was maintained to the way it was back in the 1930s with its original ambiance and architecture.  Always a winner. Eat, store, and get dropped.

5. Science & Technology Subway Station Market (Xiangyang)

Alright, let’s have a rest from all that conventional items and let us get real about why you came to China – to purchase cheap, imitation, knock-off things of course!

I have checked out quite a number of those markets and that I discover the one actually just beyond the turnstiles of the Science and Tech subway station (on the Pudong side) is the very best for foreigners. It is the very organized, tidy and simple to find out your way around.

The best/worst part about a marketplace in this way is that you will need to learn how to deal with. Never take the recorded price or the cost they give you once you ask. Do not be reluctant to counter-offer their first price at 50 percent off or more. When they don’t bite, then simply walk off. The simple truth is there are many shops that sell exactly the exact same thing on the industry so, in the event that you don’t get it in one of these, you are going to come across another only down a block.

The odd part is that TripAdvisor claims that the industry is closed but I’m pretty sure it’s still open unless it is a method of dissuading individuals to go.

6. Din Tai Fung for Xiao Long Bao

There is a little bit of an art to eating them essentially what you are supposed to do is dip them into the soy vinegar, put it on your spoon, then snack a little corner out to allow the soup escape out. You slurp a little the soup to learn how hot it is and then chow down on the remainder of the dumping.

There are many excellent food areas in China and it might take forever to list all them, however, coming from somebody that has spent a great deal of time at Shanghai, you truly can not conquer the Din Tai Fung franchise. Originally from Taiwan, they have expanded rapidly across the globe including inside the city. It is possible to locate Din Tai Fung almost in each corner today. They are not precisely the cheapest in town but frankly, I have not encountered some other xiao long bao restaurant which may conquer their caliber, thin-ness of their dumpling skin, the quantity of soup, and the tastiness of their meat inside.

7. M1nt

Party it up in Shanghai a single night and take a look at the clubbing scene. I can not say I have done a great deal of global clubbing but what about M1nt cries high course. Among the key highlights, you’ll have difficulty finding anywhere else would be your aquarium that is built into the place and indoors you will find sharks. Yes, you heard me, SHARKS!

Ensure that you have a look at the top nightclubs at Shanghai and if you visit M1nt or someplace else, you are likely to have a wonderful moment.

8. Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC)

What excursion of a town does not incorporate some kind of high-rise tower overlooking the landscape beneath? I have done all of them and I must say my favorite remains the SWFC that has a long and open stage and the beauty is you could observe the winding Shanghai Tower as well as the angular design of Jing Mao and naturally Pearl Tower ahead.

A word of caution, the views from here will make your legs move jello if you are terrified of heights like I’m.

If you fancy something somewhat more conventional, there is also the Pearl Tower that is a lot easier to get from the river and near a whole lot of shopping malls and decent food.

9. Xintiandi

Xintiandi is a fascinating place in town to test out although it’s more of a hang out/party location that wakes up at the day hours. It is a car-free shopping, eating, entertainment district that’s a gentrified place where conventional”shikumen” homes occupy the narrow alleyways.

This region is definitely notable for thieves and largely ex-pats. Even when you’re not a partier, it is still worth to have a look at the area. It is done up quite well, clean, stylish, distinct from average China and also plenty of excellent spots for the photography.

10. Nanjing Road East

No automobiles are permitted on this road and everywhere you turn there is some type of shopping. Additionally, it is not likely that you will overlook this place because the closest subway station into the Bund is that one so you are going to be walking I promise.

In addition to this, there are a number of hidden jewels food-wise here so be certain to poke within the respective storefronts to find out what is happening.

I am not going to lie, it is definitely quite touristy here however if you would like to come to watch the mecca of Chinese consumerism, more vivid lights compared to Times Square, a slew of people and possible to get some decent finds for purchasing, you will want to see Nanjing Road East.


If you are also searching for lodging in town and not sure where to begin, have a look at these properties which fit your travel style.

  • Green Court Serviced Apartment-People’s Square — although not a resort, this flat is in a very convenient location, just 10 minutes from Nanjing Road East. In a fraction of the expense of brand-name resorts, this is a home that is both highly rated and has the benefit of having a complete kitchen that will assist you to save more cash.
  • Charms Hotel Shanghai — This resort is right across Nanjing Road East that makes it desirable concerning location. Now because it is a budget land, it is rather no frills and if you read the testimonials, there is definitely space for improvement. But if you are going to be out and around the entire day, the price and place might be great enough that you pull the trigger on this one.
  • Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel — As its name implies this is a resort that’s appropriate by the Yu Yuan metro station that places you right at one of the very best attractions in town. Do not worry that it is not by People’s Square as a fast subway jump over and you are there.
  • Pullman Shanghai Jingan — In case you are ok to be somewhat farther away in the region of Jinan, then you will have the ability to save a great deal of cash. Jingan has rather a lot to research such as the renowned temple and with the subway, it is possible to get anywhere in town.
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World — Situated in the center of things and directly across from People’s Square, it will not have more convenient than that.
  • Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre — another land that’s right at the center of the activity and also just 5 minutes walk from Nanjing Road East.

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