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A Tourist Guide To The Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Santo Domingo is the most seasoned city in the New World and was established by Christopher Columbus and his more youthful sibling, Bartholomew Columbus, in 1496. The piece of the city occupied in the mid-1500s is known as the Colonial Zone (Zona Colonial in Spanish). The Colonial Zone brags of numerous firsts for the New World. The main cleared road, college, house of prayer, château, religious community, medical clinic, and post – to give some examples. With excellent design and the rich history, the Colonial Zone is an absolute necessity to see while visiting Santo Domingo. The Colonial Zone has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In the Colonial Zone, alongside the magnificence of the verifiable structures, you will discover inns, cafés, bistros, historical centers, bars, shops, and so forth. The two most well-known boulevards in the Colonial Zone are Calle Las Damas (the road of the ladies) and Calle Conde. Calle Las Damas was the road the ladies of high society strolled after chapel on their approach to lunch. Calle Las Damas is an astonishing road amid the day, yet it turns out to be considered all the more stunning around evening time as the road lights turn the dividers of the structures a lovely orange tint. With each progression you assume the principal cleared the road of the New World, you travel back further in time until you feel as if you are in the 1500’s strolling alongside Christopher Columbus himself.


There are numerous inns to look over and they give a wide scope of costs from prudent to exquisite. What is pleasant about the efficient inns here is that they are spotless and staffed with inviting individuals – with many communicating in English. Remember that these are old structures, and, while they are perfect, most rooms are little and have “Old Building” issues. In any case, at the cost, I think they offer an incredible involvement in an extraordinary territory. There are huge numbers of these lodgings and with many offering various specials on various occasions, so it is difficult to prescribe one explicit in. The reason I like the lodgings around there is that when you exit the entryway of your inn, you don’t have to pay a taxi to take you to an area to appreciate. You are as of now in the # 1 goal spot in Santo Domingo.

On the higher end, there are a few inns to appreciate, however, I will discuss Hodelpa Nicolas De Ovando. This lodging has extensive visitor rooms, a pleasant patio out back to appreciate the nighttimes, a little bar, great sustenance for the morning meal buffet, and for supper they have an awesome menu, however, the best two parts of this inn are its history and its engineering. Nicolas de Ovando, a voyaging sidekick of Christopher Columbus, was the third legislative head of the Indies and this lodging used to be his home and goes back to 1502. This lodging is situated on Calle Las Damas (the principal cleared road) in one of the main houses assembled, so to me, there is no better spot to remain to have the option to drench yourself in the way of life of the most seasoned city in the New World. Be that as it may, don’t stress if the inn is outside your spending limit, you can visit it and appreciate a mixed drink at the bar or in the yard.

Activities And See

Strolling Tour

I exceedingly recommend your taking the strolling visit on Calle Las Damas and to make it one the main thing you do when you touch base in the Colonial Zone. When you comprehend the structures and their history, you will most likely appreciate them more. For instance, in the event that you are sitting in the Spanish Square (Plaza Espana) getting a charge out of a decent supper, as you look over the square and see the stone structure, it won’t simply be a stone structure any longer in light of the fact that, in the wake of taking the strolling visit, you will comprehend this is the place of Christopher Columbus’ child, Diego Columbus.

When strolling down Calle Las Damas, you will be drawn nearer by the visit guides who will offer you the strolling visit. So far each visit I have taken has been with aides who have spoken incredible English. The strolling visit regularly endures two hours. I for the most part address the visit manage previously and request that they hit the features and attempt and complete the visit in 1 to 1/2 hours. The expense for the visit is more often than not about $1,000 Dominican Pesos ($20 USD), however, you can attempt to arrange a lower cost. The visit guides work superbly and are minding, so I think they acquire the $1,000 Pesos.

The following area will discuss a portion of the structures worth seeing and huge numbers of these will be incorporated into the visit.

Structures, Museums, and Historical Attractions

House of prayer de Santa Maria/The Cathedral of Santa Maria-worked in 1514, is the primary church building of the Americas. This house of prayer is a functioning church building and directs benefits and has 7 excellent sanctuaries.

Alcázar de Colón is the place of the child of Christopher Columbus (Diego Columbus). This home has been transformed into a lovely exhibition hall with some unique goods and a few multiplications of the first furnishings. Strolling through this historical center will give you a vibe for how Columbus lived in the 1500s.

Court de España is a huge, open social occasion region that on one side has 8 eateries ignoring the square and on the opposite side has the Alcazar de Colon (the place of Diego Columbus, child of Christopher Columbus). The square is found toward the finish of Calle Las Damas.

Calle Las Damas is likely the most verifiably noteworthy road in the city. It was the principal cleared road of the Americas and it was additionally the road the ladies of high society strolled down after chapel to go to lunch. The road is loaded up with structures from the 1500s that are presently transformed into historical centers, inns, eateries, and so on. Attract history as you stroll down this road.

Calle Conde is presumably the second most significant road in the city. This road is shut down to autos and is loaded up with shops, bistros, cafés, lodgings, and it has a little park (Parque Colon) in the center and, at the furthest side of this road, has the Parque Independencia (Independence Park).

Fortaleza Ozama is a sixteenth-century mansion assembled neglecting the Ozama River in the Colonial Zone. This is the most established European-structured post in the Americas.

Ruinas de San Francisco is the remaining parts of a religious community worked in anticipation of Franciscan Fathers in 1508. This is viewed as a significant ruin and was crafted by Governor Nicolas de Ovando.

Panteon de la Patria initially was a congregation for the Jesuits, later transformed into a tomb to house the remaining parts of probably the most eminent national, regular citizen and military saints of the Dominican Republic.

El Parque Colon (Columbus Park) was the primary social event community for celebrations in the pilgrim times and still is today. Situated on Calle Conde opposite the Hotel Conde and flanking the Cathedral de Santa Maria, it is an extraordinary spot to sit on a recreation center seat under a tree and enjoy a reprieve from visiting the exhibition halls and vestiges to absorb the excellence and the way of life.

Eateries, Bars, Cafes, and Nightclubs

There are numerous eateries, bars, bistros and dance club in the Colonial Zone. I will concentrate on the ones that have chronicled importance, the ones that I have appreciated and some that our past customers have delighted in.

Neglecting both Plaza Espana (Spanish Square) and Alcázar de Colón (Deigo Columbus’ home) there are 8 eateries situated in succession. Every one of them has a menu situated before the café in Spanish and English. Each of the 8 eateries is rich and the longest running café in the New World is one of these 8. Pate Palo (the wooden leg), when possessed by a one-legged privateer, is a 500-year-old café that Sir Francis Drake once ate at. Regardless of whether you eat at Pate Palo or one of the other 8, you can’t turn out badly picking one of these.

On Calle Conde, there are a few eateries to look over. They are an easygoing dress for lunch and either easygoing or upscale easygoing around evening time. Segrefrados, an Italian café is a phenomenal area for sustenance as well as for people viewing. They have incredible espresso in the first part of the day to begin your three day weekend, and their pizzas are amazing also. For a progressively customary Dominican cooking, you can visit the main floor of the inn Conde. This café has a porch sitting above both Parque Calon and Cathedral de Santa Maria.

Toward the finish of Calle Conde is a popular bistro/burger joint named Grands, in the past Pecos. This café is open 24 hours every day and is an extraordinary spot to get an espresso and some morning meal to begin your vacation day. This is definitely not an extravagant spot yet a customary bistro that on any time, you will see individuals assembling here to appreciate a decent discussion with their espresso, and Dominican style nourishment, regardless of great importance.

LuLus Tasting Bar is an extraordinary spot to appreciate a mixed drink and supper. It is an exceptionally stylish area that is upscale easygoing.

Onnos is a dance club situated in the core of the Colonial Zone where you can hear the nations most loved music (Bachata, Merengue, and Salsa).

As I had referenced before there are a lot more cafés, bistros, bars and dance club to browse however I needed to give you a rundown of what we think about the famous decisions. While strolling around you will see numerous others, in the event that you see one you like, simply go in and appreciate.

In Conclusion

Between the history, historical centers, the incredible eateries, bistros, and nightlife, the Colonial Zone ought to be an absolute necessity see for anybody visiting the Dominican Republic. This is an English talking neighborly territory that is extremely sheltered to stroll around as a vacationer.

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