5 Places in Malaysia Where You Can Enjoy ‘Sakura Season’

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If you have friends traveling to Japan through those months, odds are you’ll scroll past some critically envy-inducing #sakuraseason shots. You truly wish to experience Sakura also but a look in the bank accounts provides you back to reality. Now, however, it is time to place your internal green-eyed monster off, and begin the engines, because we have got five locations in Malaysia which you’re able to travel to for your own cherry blossom’ OOTDs without breaking the bank! They might not be exactly the exact same but they seem just as pretty!

1. Tawau, Sabah

tawau, sabah

Apart from being Sabah’s third-largest city, Tawau is now known for the’Sakura’ spring, and this will be essentially the flowering of Tecoma trees, some species of tree in the trumpet vine family. The principal site bringing the majority of traffic is Persiaran Traulsen, near Jalan Persisiran, based on the New Straits Times. This season (2019), the shore where the trees have been planted have now been given a makeover, which makes the scene stand more than ever before. They will stay in full blossom usually at the end of March till April.

2. Alor Setar, Kedah


They could last for two to three weeks, however, the blooming period might be cut short if you can find continuous rains. This year’s batch started blooming in early March, so in case you would like to grab them (2020), you understand when to proceed!

3. Penang


Only a couple hours off and slightly farther down the Peninsula, we’ve Penang, still another city which has amazing Malaysian’ sakura’ blossoms everywhere over the weeks of March and April. This season, it seems that the pink blossoms have reared their beautiful heads somewhat sooner than normal, as a fast scroll through social websites reveals articles from as far back as the end of February. Seems as if you are going to need to organize your Penang foodie trip somewhat sooner in 2020!

4. Melaka


Looks like the city of Melaka has other things to be pleased with, besides its abundant history! Lots of Tecoma trees have surfaced last March, together with Jasin, Ayer Keroh, Bukit Katil, and Bukit Baru one of only some of the districts which it is possible to encounter this enchanting scenery. But you may have the ability to grab them later in the year once the weather becomes warm and dry, and that’s exactly what catalyzes the flowering.

5. Kluang and Benut, Johor


They’ve been photographed throughout Kluang, leaving scenic trails of pink petals all around the roads. Sinar Harian has also reported sightings in Benut, a city in the area of Pontian. Perhaps you can swing by the next time on a weekend escape to Singapore?

Has this created your internal wanderlust blossom with expectation? It surely has, for all those! Aside from these five places, we are pretty certain there are more areas in Malaysia which it is possible to view Tecoma trees (or even’Sakura’) in, so chime in below and tell us which cities or countries we have missed out on!

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