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Orlando is world renowned but lets us be fair, most men and women opt for something only that the theme parks. While I really do love the parks, coping with the never-ending line ups, the audiences and children driving parents crazy simply did not feel all that attractive for my latest excursion.

On a quest to do something a bit different, I was searching for a Mickey-Mouse-sized experience that you would never presume to do in Orlando. So off the beaten course I moved and here is what that day seemed like.


Despite my fear of heights, I believe that has been overtaken by my enthusiasm for being in a hot air balloon to the very first moment. The recognition that I would be THAT high up in the atmosphere did not actually kick in till I looked down out of our basket.

Just how did it go down?

From the pitch of shameful, we came in the Orlando Balloon Rides center at 6 AM. Having a large group constructed, we obtained a fast briefing and divide into two classes. Heading out as the sun was beginning to stretch out its arms, then we got to the van and using all the giant balloon basket in tow, and we drove an open area 15 minutes off. We were not the first ones though as it seemed like there was definitely going to be a couple of others joining the celebration.

About the dew filled bud, we saw that the expert team unfold the giant balloon out of its own pouch and using the basket on the side, two giant lovers were pulled into the left and right to begin to fill the balloon with air. In the perfect time, the basket has been tipped up directly with burners flaming on. Being on the floor with the sun rising over the tree line and observing the half dozen balloons come to existence was a cure in itself.

The remaining portion of the encounter was pure exhilaration kicked. Without much of a minute’s notice, we had been given the orders to leap to our delegated corners of this basket. You might believe the balloon had been itching to shoot it off was just with our gifted pilot, Damien, which we could generate a controlled ascent.

The sensation of floating up higher and high is equally as majestic as it seems. With various balloons before us, the sunlight sparkling like to say hello, along with some different balloons directly behind, there was flooding to the sensations. Look all around and you may see on for miles.

We skirted at low elevation before slowly climbing around 2,800 feet. From these heights, we can easily spot the chunk of Epcot and other identifying characteristics of Disney. The views were absolutely magnificent. Inside the basket, many selfies were shot and we witnessed a suggestion.

At one stage we grapple together with our neighbors to shoot some pictures from the corner of the basket and that is when I understood we were high up in the atmosphere. Jello legs proceeded to shoot over.

Our pilot, Damien was damn funny, joking throughout the whole time and I must say that is what made the entire ride that much more pleasurable. Hopefully, you receive Damien also once you go with Orlando Balloon Rides.

The landing was more impressive compared to take-off. Imagine piloting the greatest balloon in North America, being at the mercy of the winds, and just having the capacity to control the quantity of warm air you put in or allow escape. Somehow Damien managed to catch sight of a landing site and nail it. We needed to brace for impact in the basket but it was a hardly a bulge once we touched the floor.
Together with the balloon filled, the basket has been feeling somewhat lonely.

To round out the adventure, they provided free juice, coffee, and snacks back in the office after we had been pushed back.

Apart from jumping from a plane, I am not certain if there is another way to acquire the type of perspectives we did this morning. If the security’s holding you back, I return to retell the encounter:-RRB-. I never believed that security was a concern during the encounter and neither will you.


The real Florida isn’t about concrete structures, artificial landscapes, or caged up critters but it’s available in acres of flora, fauna, forested wetlands, and pine flat woods. It is in there which you obtain a glimpse of the Florida wilderness which many do not get to watch.

Welcome to Permanently Florida. Even though just a small bit of a drive, you are going to see below precisely how much fun we had the ability to have.

After checking in at the front desk to get our Thrill Package reservation, we waited to our giant 4-wheeler safari truck to roll up in. This monster powered through all kinds of terrain because we made our way into the zip line center deep from the ranch. On the road, our driver pointed out alligators, deer, bird, and wild salmon. It is the actual deal out there.

We have a fast briefing from our manual, Tony, and we went into woods of excitement.

In the middle of the woods are just three towering giants which seem like something from Peter Pan. Each tower houses among those 3 zips we were supposed to perform and each is attached using a suspension bridge.

Reaching the bottom of the center tower, we began climbing the staircase to the surface. From here you begin saying to yourself that you left the absolutely good solid floor to be attracted back down at the very unconventional ways potential.

My first error wasn’t looking right into what I got myself to since I was completely unprepared for what we would be facing.

I am no stranger to ziplines however I was really impressed by this one. There are just 3 of those types on the planet and so we’re in for a genuine treat.

Typically ziplines return directly cables. As soon as you jump off the stage you are introduced into spins, turns and megapixel fall. I seriously could not contain my laughter once I ended because it had been THAT mad. And while this is the very first zip line, I’ll state it was certainly my favorite.

As soon as I found this out could be a whole vertical fall my heart sank. I have done drops similar to this previously but that was far higher than anything else before. Too late.

Imagine up being 8 tales, walking to the border and only taking that leap of faith. What made it even more frightening was when it was my turn, Tony made me walk into the border, peer over the ledge to watch”SPLAT!” Positioned from the floor, consider my life, then step right off. Just consider that.

That first drop is a feeling unlike any other. Sound can not even come from your mouth when you are moving that fast. But truth be told, it is all mind over matter. Everything you understand following is that it is not an entirely free drop since the automatic belaying pulley catches you midway through and begins slowing your ascent.

I call this The Superman and that I have not seen this kind of zip line anyplace else. While the zip line is a direct line stride to the other hand, what increases the stakes for this particular one is that you can go toe to toe with a different buddy. Being in a position to construct speeds around 30 mph, it is the greatest straightaway zipline at Florida.

Possessing a fantastic manual makes each difference between getting a positive and negative experience. I’d recommend the Thrill Bundle to anybody searching for some serious experience. I guarantee you that you are likely to come from it having an end to finish smile on your face and wanting you can do it.

If zip lines are not something, Forever Florida also provides horseback riding, trainer experiences in the safari truck, and treetop trekking.

Have A Fantastical Evening

To round out the afternoon we decided to grab a show in Orlando. Have a journey to a new world where creativity, the eccentric, and the marvelous battle right into an entirely new world.

I have been a massive fan of Cirque du Soleil for quite a while and have seen many, if not traveling productions which encounter Toronto. , I had a small sit-back-and-relax. I have never seen Cirque on a permanent stage similar to this one so that I knew that could be a bonus also.

Without giving too much away, I liked the series because of its slapstick humor and adequate acrobatic acts. I say adequate because while the performances were perfect, I did not feel unbelievably wow-ed by any special one. Which might be a result of the fact I’ve seen lots of Cirque shows these last few years. The point was remarkable with its hydraulic-controlled platforms however I had been expecting they’d be integrated into the performances a little more. That having been said, I thoroughly enjoyed the humor between both clowns that reminded me a lot of this minions in Despicable Me. The four stooges from the series also supplied some brilliant relief humor.

There is also no true bad seat in the house. Whether you are at the upper or lower section of the theater, there is a fantastic line of sight to all on the point so that I would not be worried if you opt to purchase the less expensive tickets.
The view out of our top chairs in the theater.

Overall I was very entertained from starting the end. The attention of La Nouba is unquestionably on smaller circus functions infused with a grand dose of hilarity. If you are with children, they’ll have a complete blast.

While I am not saying you shouldn’t visit those but if you are trying to go off the beaten trail, think about the above 3 measures to inject just a small amount of over-the-top pleasure and enthusiasm.
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