How To Relax and Recharge in London

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London has it all – it’s a hedonist’s dream. Nevertheless, additionally, it is frenetic, noisy and, sometimes, exhausting. Fortunately, when everything gets too much, there are a couple of exceptional areas to relax, unwind and eat healthily. Culture Trip has awakened with Pullman London St Pancras Hotel — whose 24-hour fitness suit and Pullman Running Club makes it an ideal alternative for health-obsessed travelers — to explore the capital’s world-leading wellness scene.


Outdoor swimming in London may not sound hugely relaxing, but especially in the beautifully wet British weather, but a dip in the Parliament Hill Lido on Hampstead Heath is bound to reinvigorate you. After the sun’s shining, this is the place where the city’s many well-to-do inhabitants come to cool off, and in winter it is equally popular for bracing swims. Warm up again with a brisk hike into the heath’s best point, where benches with views of the city skyline invite reflective moments.

RE: MIND, Yoga Studio

“Locate your serene” is the tagline at Re: Mind. This store and studio, place in food and style hub Eccleston Yards, is a soothing space, belief natural light woods and plenty of grass plants — from the moment you walk through the doorway. There are drop-in meditation courses, reiki healing sessions as well as tea ceremonies. Re: Mind is a great place to restore your energy in the center of the bustling city.

GLOW BAR, Coffee Shop, Smoothie Bar, Healthful

Glow Bar, ago health manufacturer for its Duchess of Sussex, opened on Regent Street in summer 2018. The company’s founder, chef Sasha Sabapathy, has been inspired to launch the business after leading a stressful, anxiety-inducing lifestyle in New York City. London’s branch includes a pink café serving smoothies, healthy bowls, and Java; infrared saunas to help improve your skin, mood and sleep patterns; and a shop with an assortment of skincare products and anti-inflammatory supplements. There’s also an on-site cognitive hypnotherapist.


The exterior of this 1980s Brutalist building doesn’t look immediately relaxing, but step inside the Barbican Conservatory, the second largest in London, and you will be instantly transported to a tranquil, almost tropical place. Over 2,000 species of the plant make this a peaceful paradise. Book in for afternoon tea, which is available on certain Sundays, such as an extra-special treat.


Eating out in London should not be an unhealthy affair. Redemption Bar is a breath of fresh air — and veggies. Its all-vegan menu, that is free from wheat and processed sugar, features healthy takes on bolognese, burgers, and pasta, as well as a plethora of vibrant salads. Additionally, you won’t be tempted to overindulge about the beverages: there’s not a cocktail, a pint of beer or glass of wine in sight; there are, nevertheless, some amazing mocktails.


With a large population of Turks, it’s no surprise that London has a number of hammams (traditional Turkish baths). Head south of the river to Pasha Spa for an afternoon of Middle Eastern pampering. The spa 90-minute hammam packs incorporate a herbal steam session, full-body scrubs and a soap massage or body odor, also Turkish pleasure and tea to finish. Pasha’s big, white-marble hammam room is large enough to fit four, so it is a wonderful place to unwind with friends.

KXU, Fitness Studio, Spa

If yoga is the luggage, KXU is where to go. This multifaceted fitness venue has various drop-in classes to make you sweat, such as a fast-paced vinyasa flow session supported by upbeat music. There’s a medi-spa offering timeless treatments, as well as an infrared sauna and a cryotherapy room, which is chilled to a cool -85C (-121F) and can help with recovery following a hardcore workout. The café functions all manner of healthful, protein-packed post-workout plates and smoothies.


Traditional and tranquil Western landscaping makes the Kyoto Garden in West London’s Holland Park a relaxing place to spend an afternoon. A large, rugged pond, with koi flitting about its waters and a bridge across its middle, sits in the garden’s center surrounded by vibrant flowers, trees, and shrubs. A little waterfall gives a calming soundtrack, rock lanterns are dotted around and, in autumn, the trees create a fiery display because they turn colors of red, orange and yellow.


It’s important to stay someplace that will help you unwind and recharge, also. Pullman London St Pancras Hotel includes a premium 24/7 fitness center and sauna with panoramic views of St Pancras station. Guests and non-guests alike can combine Pullman Running Club – the resort’s athlete-inspired running club that moves a number of iconic London landmarks including Regent’s Park on its route.


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