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8 Great Cities Everyone Should Visit Before They Die

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So, you’ve finally decided to place travel in your own bucket listing, but you are not certain which cities are worth your time and cash.

Listed below are 8 amazing destinations you have to see before you die. (Seriously, I am not taking no for an answer) We will also have a peek at a few of the most well-known attractions you need to visit while you are there.

So, what can you say? Let’s begin!


There’s nowhere on earth like London. In the structure to the Royals — as a tourist, it is tough to get bored from the rich history of the city.

Though London is a fantastic place to go to, it could get expensive very fast. Thus, you are going to want to save up some dough should you are a plan on seeing and enjoying all of the city has to offer you.

However, don’t allow the price tag scare you off. 1 simple way to reduce prices and extend your budget would be to catch a sightseeing card such as the London Pass. This specific pass offers free entry to over 80 of the very best places to go to in London. I am talking about areas you Want to see anyhow, such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle, and much more.

I believe that it makes a fantastic debut for first-time travelers into Western Europe — particularly if you’re a native English speaker.


If you are trying to go to the core of European civilization, look no farther than Paris. Home to a number of the world’s best artwork, architecture, and meals, the City of Lights is 1 place that definitely must be in your listing.

Give yourself permission to be cheesy since catching a selfie in the front of the Eiffel Tower is essential.

Along with sightseeing, Paris is also called the”Culinary Capital of the World.” Together with popular French standbys, Paris also has a multitude of restaurants experimenting with new methods to cook. Thus, if you are adventurous, have a look at some experimental meals as you’re there!


You have heard of the Ancient Romans, correct? Why don’t you take a visit to Rome to transfer yourself 2,000 decades back in time by seeing a few of the history most well-preserved historical monuments?

Rome is really my favorite town on the planet. However, ancient ruins are not the sole matter Rome has going for it. The town is also home to a treasure trove of unique architecture and art. It seems just like everywhere you turn, 1 road is much more incredible than another.

As you wander around town, you will also find dozens of fountains liner Rome’s buildings and people piazzas. Due to a glorious historical technology, aqueducts still supply the town (along with the fountains) having plenty of water today.


Europe certainly does not possess a monopoly on magnificent cities. Asia has a lot of amazing places to see also.

And as soon as you’re there, travel through Asia could be pretty darn inexpensive. Actually, we recently did a poll and discovered that the best 16 most economical places to traveling were in Asia. What is that for cheap?

Since the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is famous for its elaborate shrines and lively nightlife. Obviously, I also discover that Thai food is to die for!


We can not depart the Big Apple off the record, can we? If you have the opportunity, grabbing a musical on Broadway can be a burst.

As you are drifting through NYC’s specific areas, make certain to check out the wonderful food that the city has to offer you. People from all over the world call New York home, and this fact alone makes the town’s food scene among the best you’ll find.

To have a real flavor of New York, make sure you catch a snack out of a food truck or street seller. Your adventuresome palate will not regret it.


Since the capital city of Hungary, Budapest is among the very beautiful and fascinating places to go to in all Europe. Divide in half from the Danube River, the towns of Buda and Pest were founded as fortresses throughout the Middle Ages. Finally, in 1873 they formally merged to form Budapest.

While you’re there, make sure you take a look at the Szechenyi Baths – one of the biggest thermal bath complexes around the continent. Its 21 pools allow it to be a fantastic place to relax and unwind.

7. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a favorite shore city in Brazil that’s well known for its amazing views, iconic structures, and lively nightlife. The colossal Christ the Redeemer Statue towers across town while the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches create a fantastic spot to unwind.

Better still, take a look at the town through its Carnival festival and revel in the flamboyant costumes, floats, and parades all on screen.

Do not like hills, figurines, or celebrations? It’s possible to reserve an open-air Jeep trip to research the Tijuca Tropical Rainforest rather and appreciate one of the world’s biggest urban woods.


Cairo is the best place for you. Constructed on the Nile River, Cairo (and its surrounding area) is packaged with a few of the planet’s earliest and wealthiest history. Frankly, this location is a history enthusiast’s fantasy come true.

A number of  Best things to see and do in Cairo comprise. The world is full of amazing places, and these are only a couple of places you need to visit at least one time throughout your lifetime.

So, where are you going to go? Have you ever seen one of these towns before? Which areas do you increase the list?

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