Hot Springs & 5 Favorite Places You Must Visit in Indonesia

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Being the biggest lake in Southeast Asia, Lake Toba isn’t just any lake, but one which sits at the caldera of a supervolcano! Sitting 900 meters above sea level, this bewitching area in Sumatra, Indonesia is really larger than Singapore!

Want to understand what makes this place one of the most breathtaking all-natural wonders on the planet? Well, just have a glance at those 6 hidden jewels in the vicinity of Lake Toba and you would be prepared to pack your luggage and visit Sumatra in almost no time!

1. Have a dip in character’s scenic sulfur tub at Sipoholon Hot Springs

hot springs

Sipoholon Hot Springs is situated among limestone mountains which are dotted in colors of crimson, yellow, and green that makes it among the most unique and stunning areas in Lake Toba!

Things to expect:

  • Vibrant blue-green colored waters as a consequence of the sulphuric nature of the surrounding stones.
  • These hot springs have been called”soda water heaters” for allegedly tasting just like a carbonated drink. Even though it’s rather safe to drink, we do not recommend you try it all out!
  • And if you are feeling hungry after, taste some local cuisine in someone of the North Tapanuli restaurants near.

2. Romance season Daily in Sapo Juma Tongging Garden

Planning for this picture perfect vacation proposition or for this dream honeymoon? Sapo Juma Tongging Garden is the perfect spot to keep the love alive!

Things to expect:

  • A diverse number of flowers in various colors that are guaranteed to bring a splash of vibrancy for your vacation!
  • The ideal location for couples to take amazing pictures, have a picnic, or perhaps indicate!

3. Just take a brief hike at Bukit Holbung and bask at the magnificent view!

bukit holbung

Bukit Holbung is a mountain situated close to the village of Huta Holbung at Samosir. A brief 10 to 15 minutes increase, this mountain is famous for locals and tourists alike!

Things to expect:

  • Additionally, this is a favorite camping place if you would like to enjoy a gorgeous night under the starry skies!
  • it is called the Teletubbies Hill because of its similarities to the scene at the popular kids’ TV series!

4. Marvel at the natural wonders of Sipiso-Piso Waterfall

piso waterlfall

Even though a return visit to the drops may have a hefty 7 hours, it is a must-go for those that happen to enjoy Instagramming their own escapades! This stunning dip waterfall a part of Sumatra’s Batak highlands and can be shaped by a tiny underground river of this Karo plateau.

Things to expect:

  • Reaching a height of 120 meters, this magnificent waterfall is barricaded by endless greeneries which result in an amazing view!
  • Take in the stunning bird’s-eye view of Lake Toba!

5. Jump in a bird’s nest in Puncak Sidiangkat Sidikalang

Puncak Sidiangkat is a place in Lake Toba that is popular on social websites for the epic bird nests that hang from the border of this mountain!

Things to expect:

  • Larger-than-life bird nests that hang from the border that you may really rise in safely for images!
  • A royal bird -eye view of the environment from high up in the clouds!
  • There are several additional Insta-worthy backdrops for their own followers to have a look at in jealousy like a swing top up in the skies!

6. Take one-of-a-kind images on top of Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung

bukit indah

The same as Puncak Sidiangkat, Bukit Indah can also be among the most sought-after picture destinations in Lake Toba with different Instagram-worthy backdrops that you shoot pictures with!

Things to expect:

  • Snap your Instagrammable shots onto a hot air balloon system, a giant hands or perhaps a heart suspended over the heavens.
  • There’s also a pirate boat deck and just a motorbike from a background of the sea.
  • If you are brave enough, then dare yourself to have a treehouse swing to the clouds!

Alright, these areas appear incredible! And due to the newly opened Silangit airport, getting to Lake Toba is now simpler than ever before!


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