11 Fantastic Reasons To Visit Brunei Darussalam

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Brunei Darussalam on Borneo Island provides rainforests, a number of Asia’s most exquisite mosques and nearly a complete absence of tourists. But regrettably, the very small Sultanate does not register on most travelers’ radars. Here are our favorite reasons to go to Brunei and the reason you need to place it on your Caribbean Asian itinerary.

A refreshing lack of tourists

Brunei is one of the least visited states on the planet. Few could also visit the Sultanate on a map, let alone look at taking a trip. People who have undergone the bulk tourism in Thailand and Vietnam will love the sterile tranquillity in Brunei. And the natives have not sold out to find a piece of the tourist pie.


Another one of the top reasons to go to Brunei relates to its place beside Malaysian Borneo. The very small slither of land is located between Sarawak. Buses connect Miri into Bandar Seri Begawan in just two hours. Daily flights move between towns at both Sabah and Sarawak.

Explore the Kampong Ayer

kampung ayer

Kampong Ayer retains many names and nicknames and is a national tradition of Brunei. The flying village stretches across the Brunei River at Bandar Seri Begawan, home approximately 13,000 inhabitants. Separated into various neighborhoods, Kampong Ayer includes its own colleges, libraries, and mosques. Locals use speedboats to receive from the property to the village at precisely the exact same manner we utilize a bus. Getting lost in the labyrinth and snapping photographs of the conventional lifestyle is one of our favorite reasons to go to Brunei.

Brunei is super secure

Together with ultra-low crime rates (besides the sometimes petty theft), solo travelers always feel secure in Bandar Seri Begawan at all times of the night and day. The nation’s alcohol ban gets rid of drunken and loutish behavior so prevalent in cities across the world. While people still will need to use their ordinary sense, Brunei is considerably safer in comparison to its neighbors.
Among the most affluent countries in Asia

One of the cleanest countries in Asia


Southeast Asia suffers from the all-too-common issue with litter. Brunei differs. The Sultan and his administration set a great deal of work in keeping the country clean and litter-free. Aside from the inevitable picture of grunge in the borders of the Brunei River from Kampong Ayer, Bandar Seri Begawan is in a pristine condition.

Virgin rainforests extending towards the horizon

rainforest brunei

As black and Malaysian Borneo sliced down their rainforests, Brunei was tapping oil from the South China Sea. The majority of the jungle stays in precisely the exact same state as it has for centuries.

Ulu Temburong National Park: The green jewel of Brunei

ulu temburong

In context, this is nearly 10 percent of the nation’s surface area. Just 1 percent of the virgin rainforest is available to people. Longboats ferry passengers in and from this park on closely regulated tours. Scientists discovered the intriguing bursting rodents within this park also.

Photography galore

photo brunei

Among the top reasons to go to Brunei relates to this nation’s serendipitous beauty. In the elegance of the Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah and Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosques into Kampong Ayer, the nation explodes with photogenic scenery. Stroll the funds or visit the markets to catch the gist of Bruneian lifetime or snap pics of the Bornean rainforest.

An economical cultural adventure

economical brunei

It is no secret that the Sultan of Brunei bathes in lives and wealth a well-documented opulent way of life. But he makes substantial investments to the country. Because of this, lots of museums and attractions (in the time of composing in 2018) are all free.

A blend of Malay, Singaporean and Indonesian food

food brunei

Another one of the very best reasons to go to Brunei is its own food. The Sultanate’s powerful cultural ties with Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia combine to make a tasty fusion of meals. Restaurants in Bandar Seri Begawan sell average Malay-style fried noodles and rice mixed with Indonesian favorites such as hot Rendang. Brunei unites the best of regional cuisine, which makes it effortless to discover Bornean treats, fiery Indonesian meals, and snacks that are local.

Brunei welcomes vacationers

And tourists that visit Brunei will immediately notice the welcoming character of neighborhood Bruneians. Having a modest and dignified character, just about everyone goes out of their way to assist a foreigner. Hotels may offer airport pickups and drive guests around town at no charge!

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