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5 Best Diving Spots In The World To Travel

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There is something absolutely liberating about falling to the depths of the deep blue, blowing bubbles of air, and watching in awe, a whole other world in which creatures float effortlessly. The best part about diving is that it’s a true escape. With the sounds of everyday life tens of yards off, it’s one of those few areas where doing everything slower is better. You simply focus on breathing, look around, and kick once in a while. It’s an experience unlike any other.

Over these many years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel to some of the best diving destinations in the entire world that would make most seasoned sailors squirm in jealousy. Now, these are not in any specific order but at the top to bottom, these are all extraordinary sites that are really worth making travel plans exclusively for. So pack your scuba diving equipment, it’s time to hit the water!

1. Maldives

I am probably just a bit biased, but I would say that my favorite from anyplace I’ve been so far is that the Maldives. Known for a luxe resort destination, this tropic country can also be a wonderland of reefs, blue lagoons, and also the best of marine life. Comprised of idyllic atolls scattered across the Indian sea, it has come to be a world-class destination for diving, perhaps not so much for the reef, but more so for its vastly varied aquatic life that can be seen here.

My Visit to the Maldives was unique because we had been spoiled With the number of manta rays that we struck diving and would often arrive at the resort to play. In addition to this, this was also the place of my first whale sharks. It was now I eventually invested in my guys’ dive watch which paid dividends since I no longer needed to pay to lease them anymore considering we went diving practically every day.

When It comes to the reef, the Indian Ocean has been going through acute bleaching in the last several years since El Niño, however soft coral is on the bounce back and is gradually returning to their prior colorful glory.

2. Palau

Any WWII buff will understand these string of islands is well-known for one of the bloodiest battles in the war. Nowadays, however, it is home to arguably the best diving in the world.

What makes Palau a top favorite is it is filled with a wide range of underwater features including wrecks, caves, channels, walls, and pockets. When I was there, each dive that I went on demonstrated a completely different terrain. On one dive it would be a wall to my right shoulder together with what appeared to be an infinite drop and in a different, I’d be squeezing through the coral rock to get to the other side.

I have not even mentioned the aquatic lifestyle here. Palau is known to be a shark sanctuary and so that means your chances of viewing shark are basically guaranteed. In addition to that, there is also the famed Jellyfish Lake here which is among the few chances where you can snorkel with thousands of non-stinging jellyfish.

Note: Presently the lake has been closed to Permit the people of jellyfish heal because of the effects of global warming

All of this adds up to an outrageously good travel destination for diving with the bottom field of superb visibility, famous snorkeling sites, and continuous water temperatures annually.

3. Red sea

Blessed with an abundance of marine life, crystal clear water, and favorable weather, it is not a surprise that Egypt’s the Red Sea has long been considered one of the top diving areas in the world.

Highlights here include magnificent reefs that have remained healthy despite changes in climate. The most pristine reefs are located at Ras Mohammed National Park. Wrecks are also in abundance with several remnants from WWII and other boats which return to the 19th century. Finally, of course, are the charismatic creatures you can find here, such as whale shark, hammerhead shark, and dolphins.

My expertise with the Red Sea is from my time in Hurghada. I’d say now is the best time to go since the region has been hurting due to current political events and consequently, occupancy and overall traffic there has been at an all-time low. You might discover that the prices are extremely low and isn’t crowded in any way.

4. Seychelles

Sitting 480 kilometers from the shore of Africa, Seychelles is made up of 115 islands and is the perfect destination for diving with its warm seas and atmosphere temperatures year round.

I recently was lucky enough to explore Seychelles as a component of the honeymoon at which we stayed at the Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa, an exclusive hotel on Silhouette Island. During our two weeks of diving, we had been treated with the most incredible experience of being surrounded by at least 15 nurse sharks.

5. Dominican Republic

What you may not know is that in the winter season, the offshore area of the Silver Bank matches with humpback whales. Off every coast and conveniently located by the majority of hotels, there are dive sites that offer vibrant reefs, light beam-filled caverns, and sunken boats to research.

I had the chance to dive with SeaPro Divers a couple of years back and was treated using a tanker that we ducked through. Since it was comparatively shallow, the visibility was outstanding with all the sun above satisfying in the shadows and lighting up the imposing beams of the alloy.

So that sums it up! 5 amazing destinations for diving that might just sway your upcoming travel plans.


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