Top 5 Amazing Places Must See In Bali, Indonesia

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There is something for everybody and that is why it’s one of these areas I would really like to return to. From excellent weather, laid back beaches, amazing surf, amazing rice paddies, luxury hotels, and food to die for, I actually can go on and on but if I had to select 5 things that a first-timer should go see, it would be these areas.


On the southwestern tip of Bali is just one of the premier places to surf on earth. Even in the event that you don’t browse, however, there are a lot of reasons to come here. For one, at Ocean’s edge is Uluwatu Temple and from here you receive the most stunning views of the stunning cliffs that line the shore as well as the shimmering Indian Ocean at the background. Stay here in the evening and you’re going to be treated to Kecak and Fire Dance traditional show that’s not to be overlooked.



Unfolding in the mountain, the gorgeous and striking rice terraces cascade so far as the eye could see. The very best thing about this is that you won’t need to take care of large collections of tourists since it’s relatively off the beaten path. If you are lucky as we had been having our driver in Bali, you are going to have the ability to stop by these paddies to fulfill local farmers and determine what is involved with harvesting rice.



If you would like to have to know the real Bali, then you have to be certain that you build in time on your trip into Bali’s most famous areas. The area of Ubud is very expansive however a few important areas you will need to be certain to head to Mount Kawi using its rock-cut shrines along with the Holy Monkey Forest Sanctuary in which you will discover mischievous macaque monkeys enjoying around. Alongside some of those highlights, Ubud was memorable to me because of its meals, the regional markets and of course the famed Barong Dance.


mount batur

You did not believe I could go through this list without placing in something adventuresome in here perfect? The views from the surface are simply magnificent particularly when you’re over the clouds and the sun begins to peek through and begins stretching its beams. The best thing about it all is the fact that it is not like that my Inca Trail trek that took days to perform. This may be accomplished by anyone of small physical fitness level in two hours.


tanah lot
Throughout my visit to Bali, this was among my favorite moments, not just for them from the world photography I managed to perform here but having the ability to enjoy the moment and take from the whole sunset from start to finish. What is intriguing to see the progress since the sun goes down is that the rising of the wave. Finally, the water ends up covering all of the floor surrounding the temple.

Bear in mind, the best way to determine Bali would be to receive a personal driver to take you about or rent a scooter if you are confident on your navigation skills.


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